Food Processing

Rotary Cooking Equipment

(Various Food Processing Companies in USA & in Mexico)

Rotary Cooking Equipment Insulation to Save Energy, Simplify Sanitation, Protect Personnel and Prevent Corrosion

Many food processors using rotary cookers, such as Independent Foods, are very interested in energy savings, personnel protection and plant sanitation standards. Most applications begin with initial application of CoatinGuard Ceramic Insulation Coating for evaluation to determine cost-effectiveness for plant-wide use. This is the typical first step for any facility. Following evaluation, management has the option of hiring outside application contractors or to use their own in-house staff. The acrylic latex-based, ceramic insulation coating is water-based and easily applied with commercial quality airless spray equipment. CoatinGuard staff provides in-house training and application certification to ensure all necessary steps are taken and standards met for successful long-term performance. 

Savings range from 25% to 28% of energy cost before rebates and provide an ROI of 2-4 years. Surface temperatures are typically reduced by 40%. The insulation coating is not degraded by exposure to wet conditions and lasts 10-15 years.