Stemilt Growers

Stemilt Fruit Packing Plant Roof Application

Who: Stemilt Growers [site]

Where: Chinchiolo, California, USA

When: November 1st, 2012

Roof Surface Temperature Reduction During Day and Heat Retention at Night

Metal Roof Under-Surface Temperature Study

Schrader Mechanical is a well-known central valley refrigeration business located in Valley Springs, CA. They provide large commercial and industrial refrigeration services to the food processing industry. Schrader Mechanical’s Kurt Todden established thermocouples and data logging equipment to measure roof temperatures under a insulation coated section and a uncoated section of the Stemilt Fruit Packing plant’s steel roof. The point was to establish the difference in roof temperature provided by CoatinGuard Ceramic Insulation Coating compared to an uncoated section of the roof for a 24 hour period. 

The primary purpose was to determine insulation coating’s ability to reduce solar heat loading-based temperature on the roof surface. The building is not air-conditioned and roof temperatures above ambient levels demonstrate the effect solar radiation has on heating exposed roof surfaces. The difference between thermocouple readings beneath the coated section compared to the uncoated section demonstrate the insulation coating’s ability to reduce heat transfer from roof surfaces. 


  • Overall temperature differences between the insulation coated section compared to the un-insulated section from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on November 4th, ranged from 4 Fahrenheit to 11.5 Fahrenheit with the 6 peak hours of solar heat loading showing a difference ranging from 9 Fahrenheit to 11.5 Fahrenheit.
  • The building’s heat retention during the cold periods of the day indicate the coating’s ability to reduce condensation on interior building surfaces, improving sanitation and interior environments.