Peat Designs™


Peat Designs™ is our exclusive premium line of peat products, which includes Peat Bricks™, Peat Plaster™, Peat Panels™, Peat Furniture™, Peat Art™ and Peat Pots™.

Our cutting-edge, high-end and sophisticated peat products were created for interior design, decoration and furniture industries, with applications in residential and commercial buildings. Our peat products are made of dried peat, which, applied to the interior walls, ceilings or existing furniture, creates a warm, earthy and contemporary appearance and feeling. We offer a variety of interior design products made entirely of peat or peat combined with other materials. You can choose some of the standards off the shelf designs we offer or we can produce as per your custom design orders.

Our Peat Designs™ products are completely unique in the world. It is entirely our innovation and no other company provides similar products.

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