UPVC Panels for walls & Ceilings

Paolo Fendiaci Inc. presents UPVC panels, a new technology designed for indoor wall and ceiling decoration for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Besides its aesthetics (we provide a combination of over 600 unique designs, patterns, textures and colors), our UPVC panels have numerous properties and advantages over the conventional wall & ceiling decorations.

Our UPVC panels are a beautiful, inexpensive and practical solution for decorating your walls and ceilings.

Unlike ceramic tiles or wall paper, UPVC panels are a far better thermo-insulator (as they are hollow structures), saving money in energy costs and eliminating condensation on walls and ceilings. They are also easier and less expensive to transport, install, replace or modify. No special finish is required for the wall or ceiling before the installation of the UPVC panels. 

Amongst other properties, UPVC Panels are water resistant, mold resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

We provide a very wide assortment of UPVC panel products.

From a dimensional perspective, our products range in thickness between 5-12 mm, in width between 50-300 mm, with any length specified by our customers (usually 3 m, 6 m or longer). Please take a look at our product line link below “Sorted by CODE”.

From a surface treatment perspective, we offer UPVC panels coated by three different technologies: printing, hot stamping and laminating. Please take a look at our product line link below “Sorted by SURFACE TREATMENT”.

From a UPVC material composition perspective, we offer four grades: Grade A = 80% PVC, Grade B = 70% PVC, Grade C = 60% PVC and Grade D = 50% PVC. Please take a look at our product line link below “Sorted by GRADE”.

Aside from the panels themselves, we provide a wide assortment of Jointers able to perfectly match your panel color and patterns and provide a perfect solution for covering external and internal corners, joining panels, ceiling corners and end of the panels. Please take a look at the Jointers links above for more details.

Below are our available UPVC Panels products


Sorted by CODE

Sorted by GRADE


Below are our Available Jointer Products