Paolo Fendiaci presents CoatinGuard™. A special coating product, CoatinGuard™ is a unique ceramic paint which is applied on roofs, ceilings or walls. The main property of the product is reflecting the heat radiation and reducing the temperature of the surface. It is ideal for residential and commercial buildings, dramatically reducing the A/C electricity consumption.

The product is also used for industrial applications such as coating the juice tanks in the beverage industry, oil tanks in the oil & gas industry, the interior wall of ships in the marine industry, as well as for cold storage facilities and cryogenic application.

A secondary property of the product: by reducing the surface temperature, CoatinGuard™ helps reducing the water condensation, which dramatically minimizes the surface corrosion.

We sell our CoatinGuard™ product in 5 US gallon pails. Part Number CTG-001.